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Bob Kaufman
Bob Kaufman
Bob Kaufman
Bob Kaufman

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In the spring of 1986, while working for a consulting firm in Boston, Bob made the fateful decision to come to Alaska and climb Mt. McKinley. It was a decision that would change the arc of his life. Four years later, he moved to Alaska and started a media company which includes Bob resides in Anchorage with his wife Yael and three children: Ari, Alana, and Adam. Read about the moment when everything changed.

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Bob Kaufman


Apr 5, 2019

Aerial Photography Among Alaska’s High Peaks

In this post and short video, I describe the challenge of aerial photography from a helicopter in one of the world’s most demanding aviation environments: an unforgiving otherworld of rock and ice nearly three miles into the earth’s atmosphere above Alaska.

Mar 26, 2019

Spring Avalanche on Carmen Lake

A colossal pile of dirt, rock, snow and ice had avalanched off the adjacent mountain face and spread over the frozen surface of the lake. The ice had shattered into fractal patterns, as though nature’s hand had used a vegetable chopper to slice and dice the surface into polygons of every configuration.

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